For a comfortable and eco-friendly environment, look no further than our Roller Shutters.

Our roller shutters offer both style in their lightweight fabric and peace of mind in their heat insulation capacity. Guaranteed to save homeowners money on both heating and cooling.

Made from an aluminium skin injected with polyurethane foam, this model comes with better strength and durability than most heavier shutters. You’re guaranteed to save up to 40% on energy costs because of how well our Roller Shutters provide winter insulation and filter out summer heat. In addition, they’ve been tested to provide protection against radiant heat from bushfires.

Other options include the degree of protection you want against burglary and vandalism, as well as 3 different choices for operation: electronic, manual or through our battery-operated E-Series Drive System.

Our Roller Shutters are made in conjunction with products and services from Oz Roll, another fine Australian manufacturer of aluminium shutters.

Roller Shutter

Add some class to your glass!

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