Our vertical blinds offer a modern style of simplicity that fits any homeowner’s budget.

Choose from a wide range of plain, patterned or sheer fabrics.

Our vertical blinds are manufactured to the same standard of high quality as the rest of our products. Using rigid PVC materials, these blinds are easy to clean and a suitable alternative to fabric-based blinds.

A vertical blind of our design affords more privacy and sunlight protection, using simple controls that let you adjust how much light and privacy you want in each room.

The controls themselves are versatile—available as either a cord and chain or as a wand—but also guaranteed to be child-safe.

In addition, we guarantee that you’ll appreciate the low cost and easy-to-repair nature of our vertical blinds, which can be custom-designed with any fabric or PVC material of your choice.

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Cobb and Co Vertical PVC Blinds

Add some class to your glass!

Let one of our specialists take a look at your home or business, and we will tell you just what kind of window covering you deserve at a competitive price.
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