Outdoor shutters are slim, elegant, clean, smooth and refined.

Our most premium model is guaranteed to outperform all other shutters and to look just as good 20 years after installation—with a certified warranty for the same length of time. Because we’ve taken such care in their manufacture, the Ultra20 shutters won’t crack, chip, split or warp under the extreme weather conditions common to Australia.

Made from hypoallergenic materials and finished in Valspar paints, the Outdoor is both termite-resistant and UV-protected.

Outdoor provides the rich look of timber shutters without timber’s inherent problems.

Outdoor performs better, lasts longer than traditional timber shutters and insulates 70% more efficiently.

Outdoor panels can span up to 900mm wide minimizing number of panels per window and increasing outside view.

Warranted to look as good as new in 20 years.

Colours: white, bright white and pearl

Blades: elliptical 64mm, 89mm, 115mm

Tilt rod: clearview / centre / offset

Shapes: oval, sunburst, triangular plus 13 more shapes and rakes

Frames: L-frames, Z-frame bull nose, Z-frame fancy, T Post and bay post

Contoured shutters are another way to cover an arched opening. The shutter panels are manufactured with a curved top rail to conform to the desired opening. They are available as a full circle or an eyebrow. We provide a full frame on all contoured shutters.


Add some class to your glass!

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