Compared to traditional timber shutters, our Fauxwood shutters not only last longer against the elements, but provide 70% more insulation and UV protection.

They contain an aluminium insert that provides more strength and stiffness. In addition, the surface is finished with Valspar paints and is easy to clean and repair without the need for harsh chemicals or outside assistance.

Customers can also choose to customise these shutters to have a blockout or hidden pinion rack, thus maximising their stylish appearance.

Our Fauxwood Shutters are best described as PVC extruded shutter able to withstand temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius. It is water resistant making it an ideal product for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

In every every Fauxwood shutter Stile there is a reinforced aluminium square tube that strengthens to overall structure of the shutter and reduces the weight of the shutter, thus ensuring long term stability of the panel.


Advantages of Fauxwood Shutters:

  1. Five Year Warranty
  2. The Fauxwood Shutter is fire retardant, which makes it perfect for commercial applications.
  3. The Fauxwood Shutter can repel moistuire, which makes it a great choice for any wet area.
  4. The Fauxwood Shutter allows you to have panel widths of up to 650mm wide and can be used in Sliding, Bi-Fold or a number of standard hinged applications.
  5. The Fauxwood Shutter also offers a large range of reveal and face fit frames to choose from.
  6. The Fauxwood Shutter has a unique stile system that is reinforced by an aluminium insert and ensures the shutter has a long life span.
  7. The Fauxwood Shutter can be made with a choice of tilt bar positions and can also be ordered using the hidden metal strip or Pinion Rack to allow full view when the shutters are open.
  1. The Fauxwood Shutter will not crack or peel due to the high tensile coatings.
  2. The Fauxwood Shutter is available in both 63mm and 89mm blade sizes.
  3. The Fauxwood Shutter has great insulation properties.
  4. The Fauxwood Shutter is termite proof.
  5. The Fauxwood Shutter is very durable and will resist knocks and scratches.
  6. The Fauxwood Shutter can be fully opened or fully closed in both directions.
  7. Available in a variety of shapes.
  8. Optional “Hidden Pinion Rack” where the tilt rod is built within the stile.
  9. Optional “Blockout”. The blades have grooves that interlock with each other to provide maximum privacy.

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